Saturday, June 26, 2010

Plush toppings are great but.....

Their g/f bases really are horrible. This was my second time trying the g/f bases. The texture is quite hard and cardboard like. I've tried g/f pizzas at eat pizza and nostralis and both have pretty good bases. I know that plush like nostralis don't make their own g/f bases, so I just want to point out there are better g/f vegan pizza bases out there plush. Please consider changing them, even if it costs more, I'm willing to pay a little more for a better base. It's such a shame because we are big fans of plush and think that their toppings are the most interesting.

This time we shared a garlic pizza, I love the simplicity of this pizza- cheezly, garlic, and parsley.

A tom yum pizza with tomato , mushrooms, capsicum, fried tofu, coriander and tom yum sauce, it's mild and tasty:

and tropical with pesto, pineapple, red onion ad fried tofu. I love the addition of pesto on a Hawaiian style pizza:

and my fav satay, with mushrooms, zucchini, satay sauce, red onion, and coriander. Satay sauce really does belong on pizza.

Plush Pizza

85 Burwood Rd
9819 1188


  1. I wonder what they'd do if you came in with your own (better) GF bases and offered to pay the normal price for them to put their toppings on and bake 'em gooood? :D

  2. Marisa, I'm pizza obsessed at the moment.

    Hannah, someone else suggested that but it just seems like too much work. Especially since pizza is normally a last minute idea.