Thursday, January 6, 2011

OMG- Vegan G/f Custard Tarts and Bread

A fortnight ago I finally went to a gluten free shop in East Keilor. We wandered in and saw a big sign which read 'fresh gluten free bread- vegan'. The woman asked if we wanted a sample and gave me a raw piece. For those of you are not familiar with gluten free bread you have to eat toast it generally so that it ok to eat. However, this piece was fine it actually tasted and felt like white bread. We didn't hesitate in buying a loaf.  It comes in a clear regular bread bag so I'm still not sure if they make the bread themselves or buy it from somewhere but it is by far the best g/f bread that I have tasted, much more superior than the ones that I reviewed before. They also sold fresh g/f focaccias and bread rolls. Here's a piece lightly toasted with some nooch:

She also asked if we wanted to sample something else and Toby responded that we are vegan. For some reason I was expecting a 'gluten free vegan! are you out of your mind?' comment but instead she started pointing out all sorts of things in the freezer section which were vegan including these custard tarts. I had to stop myself from jumping up and down and squealing!

I would have never checked that custard tarts were vegan. They come frozen so you simply defrost in the fridge then they are ready to eat. They are so delicious the custard is quite creamy and reminds me of the custard in the vanilla slice that we made and the pastry is surprisingly really good, kind of like a soft cookie or puff pastry that has been in the fridge. At a little over $3 for two they weren't too expensive. I emailed the company just to confirm they are vegan too.

Thank you Gluten 3 Living, and Gluten Free Bakery. My only complaint is that the gluten 3 living store is too far. Why is there not a gluten free store in the North?

1/ 60 Wingara Avenue Keilor East
9336 1088


  1. Oh, brilliant! I think I saw these (or this company's goods, perhaps not the custard tarts) at a health food store recently. For some reason I'm drawn to gluten-free foods even though I'm not gluten-free...

  2. Those tarts are adorable! And how cool that there is a dedicated gluten-free store, and with vegan options.

  3. As another GF-V, I am thrilled to have discovered another brand of food I can eat. So big thanks! Have you also tried: house of biskota (six GF-V biscuit varieties), leda (mint slices, timtams, coconut crunch, gingersnaps, choc chic cookies) and the woolworths macro organic brand of double choc biscuits and golden choc filled biscuits? If not, I highly recommend the mint slices and coconut crunch.

  4. Hannah, I was attracted to them for a while but I think it's because gluten free food is often vegan.

    Theresa, it's pretty great!

    Anon, so great to come across another gf v! I have tried all of the biscuits. I think I tried lots of them before I went g/f because they happened to be vegan. I'm just not as familar with the brands which aren't in regular supermarkets, but thanks for sharing. The mint slices are my all time fave.