Monday, April 4, 2011

CERES Cafe- Great Food but Glutened Me

We caught up with Liz when she was in Melbourne a few weeks ago and decided to join her for breaky at ceres cafe. I was delighted to discover that they have two breaky options which can be both vegan and gluten free!

Toby ordered the Indonesian eggs which was naturally gluten free, which they made vegan by substituting the eggs for tofu. This was really good, it featured their yummy smoked tofu with rice, chilli, and vegies.

I ordered their vegan breaky with gf toast. Their vegan breaky comes with smoked tofu, baked beans, spinach, mushroom and grated beetroot.

It was delicious


the toast wasn't gluten free!

When the waitress brought out the breaky, she said 'big vegan breakfast' or whatever it's called, and I said it that with gluten free toast and she said yes. So I almost finished eating it, and thought wow this is great gf toast and then Stephen's breakfast arrived with his gf toast and I realised that it wasn't the same toast. I went and asked a staff member and they confirmed that they had given me regular toast. I seriously wanted to cry because I knew it meant that I was going to be sick.

To be fair, they were super busy and the staff member who took our order was quite apologetic and gave us free meals which is great but it didn't help when I was sick for the next few days, also I was reading online that when a coeliac consumed gluten it takes several weeks for the intestine to heal!

You can read our previous Ceres review here, and other accounts from Steph and Michael.

Crn Roberts and Stewarts St
Brunswick East

P.S: Ceres Cafe is distinct from the recently reviewed upmarket Merri Table and Bar


  1. oh what a shame about the bread - i was just thinking how great the smoked tofu is - looks delicious on Toby's dish - at least they were apologetic - I have been to a place that served me chicken instead of tofu and annoyed me so much with their response that I never went there again

  2. Both of these look YUM! but such a shame they got the gf toast wrong :S


  3. Oh man that's SO annoying about the toast, otherwise the breakfast looked delicious. I just wrote a review of a local veggie pub on my blog, this weekend they fed nuts to my nut allergic friend & she ended up in hospital - I wish places would take allergies more seriously.

  4. That sucks you got glutened.
    We were there on the weekend and our friend asked for gluten free toast and got fruit toast (but after her fruit toast arrived a couple people at our table thought they'd heard her say fruit toast when she'd ordered. They thought that was weird but didn't say anything so it was probably a case of mishearing things. They did fix it for her.)
    I think I need to go back again to get the vegan indonesian eggs. I was debating between that and the big breakfast for 5 minutes. I knew which ever one I ordered I'd want the other. Both are soooo good!

  5. Do they still have pigs on the menu? We ate there ages ago and I was so disgusted by the amount of animal products on the menu that I've never eaten there again. Most of my favorite restaurants are omnivorous but CERES is meant to be an environment park yet completely ignoring the obvious fact that animal agriculture is grossly unsustainable.

  6. How awful! That is not just a little oopsie, it's obviously a really serious mistake. Otherwise, the food looks great...

  7. Thanks for all of the supportive comments.

    Anikee, yes still pigs i'm afraid.

  8. omg, i have only been on your blog 2 secs n my mouth is flooding!