Monday, April 11, 2011

Macro Golden Choc Filled Biscuits- Reviewed

My mother bought these for me and I stupidly decided to check that they were vegan by reading the label and then realised I didn't need to because it was clearly labelled as vegan as you can see on the box. Labelling products vegan and gluten free makes life a lot easier particularly since I'm having to scan for two different types of ingredients. After tasting one though I realised that they were the same biscuits which used to be under the Woolworths Free From range which were in a white and orange plastic package. This makes sense since Woolworths now owns Macro. The biscuits remind me a lot of the Arnotts Kingston biscuits which I used to have growing up which are neither gluten free or vegan. Although I'm not sure how great my memory is since it's about a decade since I tried one but they certainly looks the same.

  • clear vegan label
  • They cost $3.75 which is pretty good for gluten free biscuits.
  • They have a great crunchy texture which resembles regular gluteny biscuits
  • They have a lovely sweet flavour.
  • Easily accessible at all or most Woolworths (Safeway) supermarkets.

  • They do have quite a strong coconut flavour and I think I would prefer to taste more of the chocolate in the middle but this is really a minor thing which wouldn't stop me from buying the biscuits.
  • They are filled with sugar so not so healthy.


  1. Ive bought these a few times before! Theyre so delicious!, dangerously good :) I agree that they taste alot like the kingston biscuits, but i have to say I couldnt taste coconut...but now will be looking for a coconut taste next time!


  2. Oh man I wish I never discovered the macro version of a tim tam. (I'm not sure if they are part of the gluten free range). I can easily finish the whole pack in a day! Now they just need to make the 'caramel tim tam' and I'll be set for life.

    My girlfriend loves these ones though, she's definately more of a biscuit person than I am!

  3. Thanks for the tip! I'll have to buy a packet next time I go to Safeway. I really don't crave sweet things but the man does so it would be nice to have something like this in the pantry...

  4. I reviewed the Macro vegan-gf tim tam replicas on my blog ages ago, and ever since have been eyeing these off, trying to decide whether to do the same with them. Now I can rest easy knowing you've given the world the review instead :P

  5.,I can always send you some.

    Rose, i'm glad I'm not the only one who sees the comparison. A few people on twitter disagree so wasn't sure how faulty my memory was.

    Emma,they are gf and another one of my fave. I agree about the caramel time tam maybe we should start requesting it.

    Mel,I hope you like them.

    Hannah, glad I cna help :P