Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Gluten Free PPK Parcel Swap

I organised a gluten free package swap on PPK a few months ago. I've never participated in a swap before, let alone organised one but i've always thought they were an awesome way to share vegan products with people in other parts of the world. I  figured that us gluten free vegan folk could also benefit from one, but it was open to anyone so we also had some non gf ppkers send some awesome packages too. My swappee was strawberryrock on PPK who lives in Portland, I send her a package which consisted of a range of products including mintons, smooze, chocolate sesame snaps, pretezels, a wallaby bar and a few other things and she send me this:

It included stickers, two types of gf jerky which had the right amount of smokiness/saltiness, sweet but slightly salty cocomels made from mostly coconut milk which are quite addictive, gluten free vegan version of oreos, i know!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Also raw crackers, soy curls, dandies marshmallows, hot sauce which had a slightly sweet flavour and was great on nachos. I think this chocolate bar was my favourite, it kind of resembles a snickers bar with peanuts and caramel:

The brand is Eli's earth bars and this one is called dream big bar. I felt very spoiled especially since I'm sure delivery costs alone must have been expensive and I love the fact that when I go to the US in a few months that I will already be familiar with several awesome products which I won't hesitate to eat again.

You can read about other swaps too either on the ppk forum, or from posts from bitt of raw, vegan culinary crusade and in my box. Let me know if I've missed any. I love how different each parcel was.

Thanks to strawberry rock and everyone who participated!


  1. Wow, that's a great swap parcel. I still haven't tried Soy Curls but they look SO good & I'm always seeing them in recipes I want to make,

  2. In the future, would it be possible for someone who isn't strictly vegan to participate, ensuring everything sent was vegan? I would understand if you didn't want that, but I'd love to be a part of such a lovely and yummy event :)

  3. I remember reading about a few swaps during MoFo last year. It sounds like fun - might have to do this one day. How nice that you could organise a GF one. :D

  4. I've never really understood the love for Soy Curls - they're just like any other dehydrated soy protein (although the range of alternatives here is smaller, I suppose).

    Secret Aardvark, on the other hand, is rad.

  5. These types of swaps look so awesome!!!
    Ive been wanting to try those marshmallows for ages now.


  6. i love those soy beef jerkies! yumm

  7. Vegan in brighton, I can't decide what to make with them. What have you bookmarked?

    Hannah, i'm sure it's possible but that particular one is finished for now. PPK has regular ones but I think you need to be a member for a certain period of time.

    Ruth, will have to check it out when i'm there.

    Rose, radical grocery in Melbourne have them and I think the cruetly free shop has them too.

    Louise, they were awesome. I think they would make greta travel snacks.

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