Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Chinese food x 3

I just realised that this draft hadn't been posted.

It was just coincidence that we had Chinese food 3 days in a row over the weekend and Monday (not this weekend just past but the previous one) but I'm not complaining.

First up, Mr T and I had planned to go to yum cha at Natural and Healthy Vegetarian Restaurant on Sunday but couldn't get through on the phone on sat so we drove to Doncaster to discover that it was closed down and we were starving so we stopped at Vegie Mum for lunch and shared two noodle dishes (the cheapest meals on the menu). They were both quite tasty and reasonably well priced at under $10 but one of the waitresses was kind of rude. If you happen to be in the neighborhood I also suggest the Iranian supermarket (i think it was Iranian) on the same shopping strip which sells three different types of Iranian candy: lemon, rose water and saffron and lots of other interesting products. Anyway, here are our noodle dishes:

Roasted 'Duck' noodles with rice noodles instead of egg noodles

'Beef' with Vegetable rice noodles

The following day we went to what appears to be the only remaining veg restaurant with yum cha in Melbourne: Vegie Hut. They do yum cha on sundays and have 22 yum cha items to choose from. We probably had something like 16 different types of dishes shared between the 10 of us. We still don't have a camera but Mr Took a couple of pics of his camera phone. Favourites included BBQ 'pork' buns and the 'ribs'. You also get free congee (which is like savoury rice porridge) every 2 yum cha items which really excited Mr T who hasn't had congee since he moved from Hong Kong. We will definitely be back for it another time, we ate for about 90 minutes and just kept ordering more dishes and the bill only come to $17 each and we had so much variety. I recommend: the 'BBQ' pork buns which appeared to be everyone's favourite, the turnip cake and the 'ribs' which are not very rib like but are super tasty. Here's a look at some of the dishes:

Congee which was tasty not bland like other congees I have had

Vegetable dumplings and pieces of turnip cake (which is a savoury slice made from parsnip not turnip)

'Ribs' and 'shrimp' rolls. With the shrimp rolls you have to ask for it to be made with soy milk.

Lastly, we went to Shanghai noodle house for dinner with my family on the Monday. Mr T and I shared fried vegetable dumplings, rice cakes and spinach buns. Sadly, I was disappointed with the dumplings I much prefer the dumplings next door at camy's and it actually felt more tacky than camy's and camy's is super tacky. My family weren't very impressed with their dishes either and they said that their fish dish was too chewy. It did have much better service compared to Camy's and I did enjoy the rice cakes which are not what you think. To see a pic of the rice cakes check out the first pic of Cindy's review. We didn't take pics since Mr T didn't have his camera phone and we still don't have a camera.


  1. omg! where is this yum cha place? i'm dying for veg yum cha and don't know where to find it in melbourne. there's an amazing place in ryde in sydney that's completely vegan exclusively yum cha, but what good is that to me here????

  2. Ooh, turnip cakes are so yummy. All of those things look great, actually.

    Your blog has just been linked on aduki's newsletter, so expect some increased traffic!

  3. Phillipa, the yum cha place is in box hill. A bit of a hike but worth it!

    Theresa, I love turnip cake too! Thanks for the heads up.

  4. Some friends and I ventured out to Vege Hut in January and failed to find anything resembling yum cha on the menu! I had assumed that the rumours I'd heard about yum cha in box hill were therefore lies!

  5. It's only on sundays and I'm pretty sure it is a relatively new thing.