Monday, August 25, 2008

Chocolate Mill

Ok so I lied about posting, but this will be quick.

Somehow I have been to daylesford a couple of times without realising that the chocolate mill is quite vegan friendly and visiting. On Sunday we went on a daytrip, I'm hoping Caroline will blog and post her pics of our lunch since I forgot to take any but here are a couple from the chocolate Mill.

First up here the soup bowl sized hot chocolate:

And then they sell all sorts of individual chocolates and have V's to show which ones are vegan. Here are my choices:

Cardamom disc, ginger, cherry lips, cinnamon stick and peppermint leaf.

Here is a closer look:

Cinnamon stick

Inside cherry lips.

The cherry lips were a bit too artificial cherry tasting for me but I strongly recommend all of the others and the hot chocolate.

As for the vegetarian Himalaya Bakery and Cafe, I recommend the cherry pastry, sugar less apple pie and smoked tofu and vegie pie.

Daylesford I heart you!


  1. Yum, look at all that chocolate. I love the look of the chocolate cinnamon stick. And I know what you mean about artificial cherry flavour--I can't eat it without being reminded of children's cough syrup.

  2. amazing! daylesford, you beaut!

    any brilliant op shopping finds?