Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Some good news and bad news

First the good: Birds Eye Corn fritters are vegan and are very tasty. Thanks Dan for introducing them to me.

Also, the exact same 'chicken' nuggets you buy at Lord of the fries can be found at Vincent's vegetarian food. They taste amazing baked in the oven. We served them up at a party recently and everyone thought they were eating chicken.

Now the bad: Kolios-Nistisimo or the feta and mozzorella greek fasting cheeses you can buy at the vic market which are advertised as vegan are not vegan, they unfortunately contains small amounts of casein. Thanks Emily for letting me know.

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  1. top secret insider info informs me that LOTF similiarly source their bulk TVP and 'secret spice blend' from Vincents in bulk.

    bit out of the way if you're not from the area though. you can get fresh cheap tofu and soymilk from little saigon while in the area. and top vegan ethiopian.