Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Veg Out Time

The other day, I was with K shopping in South Yarra. I felt kind of funny in the Republic of Orange-coloured People but was happy to see an old friend on Chapel street: Veg Out Time.

We both missed the food as we haven't been back since Vegan Fitness Week. We could both enjoy their cheap, fast, yummy, vegan and gluten-free food.

You can get half a plate of brown/white rice with two dishes from the Bain-Marie for $9 or three dishes for $10.

I had Yellow Tofu, Mapo Tofu and stir-fried Chinese greens with garlic. They were all full of flavour and, relatively, healthy.
Yellow Tofu is my all time favourite. It is basically a very mild Malaysian style curry with mushroom and tofu. I order it every single time I go there.

K ordered Eggplant Masala and some sort of other curry. I tasted them both and thought they are both yum but a little bit too spicy for me.

Vegan options are clearly marked but you would need to ask them what is gluten-free.

If you don't like
Bain-Marie food, you can also order fried noodles/rice dishes from the menu.

Veg Out Time

8/63 Fitzroy St, St Kilda
(03) 9534 0077
Open Daily 12pm-10pm

366 Chapel Street, South Yarra
(03) 9827 7570
Open Daily 11:30am-10pm

On the Stereo:
Good Morning Spider by Sparklehorse


  1. Both meals look really good, especially the eggplant masala but I try to avoid South Yarra when possible!

  2. I work in South Yarra, and Veg Out Time is SUCH a saviour in that food desert. I love the spicy black bean tofu, and they have a veggie dumpling soup on the wall menu that is so delicious, and huge!

  3. Vicki, the St Kilda one serves the same food.
    Hayley, I must try the veggie dumpling soup next time!