Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My fav cafe...

is Trippy Taco

I think it was my fav place before I went gluten free, but one I started eating gluten free my passion for it just grew and grew. It is really is an injustice that we haven't blogged about it yet, considering how much we eat there. Although, part of me didn't want more people going there, it's too busy as it is.

It's a small veg mexican cafe (although it did have a brief period of serving chicken) with about half dozen tables inside, and 2 small tables outside. It always seems to be packed, with a regular flow of take away customers too. So it might not be the best choice if you want food fast.

And what's not to like? It's cheap-ish, super vegan and gluten free friendly,tasty, kind of healthy, filling and there are board games to play with while you wait.

So what's g/f? The tacos, fries, nachos, and I think their quesadillas and possibly one other dish. Most of the dishes can be made vegan by replacing the cheese with cheezly.

I'm addicted to their tacos, with super yummy soft corn tortillas, the best tortillas I have tasted, yes better than mamasita in my opinion although Toby would disagree. You can choose from black bean or tofu fillings with the tacos and burritos. I generally get the black bean filling, because it's so rare to have a black bean option in Melbourne and also we don't have canned black beans in supermarkets here for some reason. But the tofu ones are just as delicious, with grilled spiced tofu. It comes with cheezly, avocado, lime, tomatoes and various forms of lettuce. For around $9.50 (with the cheezly surcharge) they really are good value for money and fill me up quite nicely.

When I'm feeling super hungry though, or just in the mood for fast food, I can't resist sharing their fries which are covered in salt and some sort of addictive spice combo, I can only pinpoint the obvious paprika and perhaps a tiny bit of chilli. They kind of remind me of nandos fries which are vegan but not g/f. Toby and I have tried replicating them at home but haven't managed to come close.
Toby however is a big eater, so generally orders the wheat based burrito. I've had it in pre g/f days and agree that's is more filling but flavour wise not as nice as the corn based tacos.

They also have a few vegan options for dessert like a sweet corn tamale but my latest obsession is going to Trippy for dinner and then getting a few take away choc peanut butter g/f cookies from las vegan cafe, which is only a few doors down. Both place are pretty close to vegan wares too, if you want to get some vegan shoes while you are in the area.

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Trippy Taco
48a smith st
9415 7711


  1. I second your nomination for great cafe.. We only found out about trippy about a year ago and couldnt believe we had been missing out.. If you are trapped in a shopping centre you can close your eyes and pretend you are eating trippy fries by ordering the chips from salsa mexican chain but the burritos dont compare to Trippy !

  2. Oooh, you've reminded me that I have half a bag of dried black beans in my cupboard! Though I won't be able to make anything as delicious as your tacos, for sure. However, I can make peanut butter cookies, and therefore I'm partway to your nommy eats... :D

  3. I love mexican! Those tacos look awesome.
    Nandos fries are the best, ive been considering buying some of their periperi salt.


  4. Tim, which place is that???

    Hannah, glad I could inspire some more peanut buttery goodness :-)

    Rose, I think these are even better. I didn't even know that you could buy the salt.