Monday, December 6, 2010

G/f Blogging rant

I've having my biopsy finally tomorrow to find out if I have coeliac disease which reminds that I have wanted to talk about the gluten free blogging community for a little while. When I first g/f I started reading loads and loads of g/f blogs around the world, not just the ones on my tool bar! However, I'm continually surprised and disappointed that there doesn't seem to be quite the sense of community that I find in the veg blogging world.

It really really gripes me when people don't link to other blogs when they have visited a cafe/restaurant that others have blogged about. I know I'm not alone in that thought, Lisa has talked about being a good link citizen  and fitzroyalty has talking about in regards to blogging ethics. I think it's pretty rare in the Aus veg blogging world at least but g/f bloggers never seem to do it which I personally think is rude.

I've also noticed that many g/f bloggers don't even have links to other blogs on their side bar or if they do it's just the super famous ones generally from overseas which is another pet gripe. It also made it hard for me to find heaps of local g/f blogs when I first started. Whereas, if you find most veg blogs you will generally find a large number of links to other local and non-famous veg blogs.

There are a few exceptions to g/f sense of community like Book of Yum's adopt a g/f blogger but I really haven't come across much else.

Why do you think it is? Has anyone else noticed it? I'm happy to be proven wrong and discover that there is a real strong g/f blogging community which I haven't come across yet. I have met other coeliacs in life and been excited to share info and tips with them so I don't get it. Is it because being vegan or vegetarian is a choice and g/f isn't?

On a g/f food related note, I am addicted to these g/f pretzels and actually prefer them to regular pretzels now, I particularly love them covered in chocolate.


  1. Do you cover the pretzels in chocolate yourself?

    Also, you've reminded me that I don't have a link list up on my new site! Been meaning to do that for a while.

  2. Ah, that's a shame!

    I can't comment on the g/f community, but I do tend to eye-roll when I discover a new blog that links exclusively to internationally famous blogs. These folks are missing out on a lot of local awesomeness (which may come in less slick packaging) - engaging in the community is fun, there's a good chance of making friends (on- and offline) and quite frankly, locals are more likely to stop by to read and comment than Mega Famous Blogger.

    I would have thought that g/f bloggers would benefit a lot from trading safe product knowledge with other locals!

  3. Lisa, it only takes a few minutes and waiting for it to set.

    Cindy, that's true they are missing out, it kind of sad!