Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lazy Ice Cream Toppings: Mint Slice Biscuits and Halva

I'm obsessed with these Leda Minton biscuits, they are my fave g/f biscuits and taste exactly as I remember mint slice biscuits. Although, it's been so long that I can't really remember!

I came across these chocolate mint ice cream balls recipe on kidspot but I couldn't really be bothered making them into balls or covering with chocolate so I just used their recipe as a guide to combine these biscuits with ice cream. This is the laziest thing I've made in a while.

Just mix 1 scoops of softened vanilla ice cream with 4 crushed biscuits.

And that's it!

I love a bit of crunchy texture in ice cream, so I think it works perfectly and tastes great, although it does soften the mint flavour. It's really awesome when you can't decide if you want biscuits or ice cream!

Because it's such a simple recipe, I thought I would also share my latest ice cream topping: halva. Simply crush halva and serve on top of ice cream. My previous neighbour Sarah served this to us once and I've been hooked since. Halva while sweet has a slightly bitter flavour which works well with sweet ice cream. Here it is with chocolate halva but I think halva with nuts works best.

What's your fav lazy ice cream topping and what is your fav way to serve halva?


  1. lazy yes and yet I feel even lazier because I probably wouldn't even bother with the icecream - would just eat the biscuits and halva as is - but all sounds good

  2. i used to eat an entire pack of mint slice biscuits in a sitting before turning gf. i might have to give this recipe a try. ice cream and bikkies is something i can get on board with.

  3. I can't go past carrot halwa served with a rice pudding. My house mates at Uni used to make this regularly and I got hooked.

    Best lazy ice cream topping has to be fresh sliced strawberries and clobbered oreos. Not crushed, just smacked a couple of times to give big chunks.

    You've reminded me that I picked up a nice cheap little lazy icecream accessory at kmart the other day - for $10 they had a small marble slab with a heavy straight edged metal spoon, used for mixing icecreams and toppings together. The marble is supposed to do good job of slowing the icecream from melting while you stir your topping through. I haven't used it yet, I might pull it out tonight and use up the leftover gingerbread biscuits we have from Christmas with icecream...

  4. I am so ridiculously obsessed with halvah right now, ever since having it at a restaurant on Christmas Eve. I love the idea of putting it on ice cream! Are you using the So Good ice cream, or something else?

  5. i cant believe i have never thought of mixing halva and ice cream. they would have to be two of my favorite sweets. thanks for the idea!!

  6. molten dark chocolate on vanilla = ice magic :) -ann

  7. Ooo, this is a great idea! And I also adore those mint biscuits...when I can find them.