Sunday, January 23, 2011

Vegan Vienetta Style Ice Cream Cake and Rishon Foods

Every time we got to Monk Bodhi Dhama we have to go to Rishons Foods.  We even avoid going to MBD on Saturdays because that's when Rishon Foods is closed.

Rishons (as we call it) is a Jewish supermarket which sells all sorts of vegan goodies that you can't find anywhere else like nutty chews, which are like tiny vegan version of snickers bars.

Pic taken from Amazon:

They also a variety of gluten free products and heaps of vegan ice cream alternatives like Minies.

But perhaps my favourite is the vegan style Vienetta ice cream cake which isn't always there. It generally comes in two varieties and I was pleased to see that it is g/f. Unfortunately this time we accidentally chose the mocha one which has real coffee in it. Unlike Toby, I hate coffee! It upsets my stomach quite badly and gives me heart palpitations plus I don't really like the flavour, But Toby and our friends Ann and Adam enjoyed this.

Next time I'll buy the regular vanilla variety which tastes exactly as I remembered the vienetta style ice cream cake, although it has been about 8 years since I tried the real thing. I love the thin layers of chocolate between the ice cream.

Check out Cindy's description and picture of Rishon Foods here

Rishon Foods
23 William St Balaclava
9527 5142

Remember it's closed on Sat!


  1. Oh oh oh! As a definite coffee lover, and someone who used to love the plasticky Vienetta my family would get with our Domino's pizza orders over a decade ago, I want I want! :P

  2. Wow! that icecream cake looks exactly like the vienetta! I wonder if its available in Adelaide.


  3. I haven't had vienetta for ages! It used to be my nan's goto dessert when we were little. I'll have to visit next time we are at mbd on a Sunday.

  4. Hannah and Rose are there any jewish supermarkets in canberra and Adelaide?

    Katie, yeh I think I used to get served it at relatives too!

  5. Wow, those both sound awesome! I used to love the Vienetta ice cream thing when I was young. Maybe one day in the distant future we might stock it here!