Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Lord of the Fries' vegan breakfast burger

Hi, readers!  Long time no see!
I have been using  twitter a lot (@brunswickvegan) and was pretty slack with blogging.  

We always go to Lord of the Fries and have blogged about it.  K, now a coeliac vegan, loves their gluten-free onion rings. and the Mega vegan "Chicken" burger is my favourite.

Just before X'Mas, I tried Lord of the Fries' "Tibet" breakfast burger at their Melbourne Central store.  I've never had Onion rings in burger before. It works really well with the sauce and "beef" patty.  It is sinfully delicious and I hope them sell it all day on the weekend! 

However, they are not doing Breakfast at the moment.  It will be back soon according to their Facebook page.

Talking about Lord of the fries, their Northland store, the only branch with a door, has closed until further notice.  I hope they re-open soon because they are my favourite LOTF.

Disclaimer: we recently received a lord of the fries VIP card but are determined to give true reviews despite this card.


On an unrelated but important note, particularly for the overseas readers: 75% of Queensland is now a national disaster area. That is about 2x size of Texas and 5x that of the UK. Please donate if you can to the flood relief appeal and/or Wildlife Rescue appeal.

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  1. the LOTF at flinders station used to serve brekkie as well, including a breakfast burger called 'new york' which did not have onion rings, but my favourite food, hashbrowns, IN THE BURGER. it was the yummies thing.