Tuesday, June 14, 2011

NYC Day 3: Brooklyn Flea Market, Bliss Cafe and Angelicas Kitchen

Our holiday posts are going to start getting shorter and shorter as we try to not spend too much time blogging and more time focusing on the holiday, besides we are generally exhausted at the end of the day when it's time to blog. Also, we are already a few days behind.

So 2 days ago we went to Brooklyn and I spent a crazy amount at the Brooklyn flea market where I found vintage clothes, cute handmade jewellry and vegan food of course. It seriously destroyed my budget but I was in heaven.

I got some blackstrap molasses drink with agave and ginger, so refreshing:

and the people who do the 4 course vegan dinner had a stall and I got this tapoica salad and raw ravioli and some choc coconut macrarooons(not pictured). I particuarly loved the creamy raw ravioli and the rich slightly bitter macraroons but wasn't a huge fan of the tapoica salad spices but loved the idea behind a savoury tapoica dish.

We also visited the main street- Bedford Avenue, I got a pair of Melissa shoes for $30 and the renegade craft fair. The fair was masssive, with two large parks surrounded in stalls. There was so much great jewellery, handmade clothes, hats, silkscreen band posters, art etc. It was bloody inspiring because most of it was stuff that I had never seen before with so many great ideas, it made me want to get in touch with my crafty side again. So unlike the time that we to a similar thing in London and I felt like everything was the same as things you can buy in Melbourne. This also didn't help my budget.

For lunch we went to Bliss cafe in Williamsburg, I got the scrambled tofu (minus toast) which comes with home fries. The scrambled tofu was good although not as sausy as the scrambled tofu which is normally served in Australian cafes, it contained lots of tumeric, mushrooms and carrots. The home fries however are quickly becoming a fave thing here, this time they were covered in spices, mostly paprika I think!

For dinner we went to Angelicas kitchen I had the combo bowl with tofu, greens, and 3 grain mix (quinoa, teff and amaranth) with brown rice gravy for $9.50. I smothered everything with gravy and then took a bite and disovered that the gravy had a really strong rosemary flavour. Unfortunately rosemary is one spice that I can't stand it makes me feel sick so I took a few bites and left it.

 So I ordered something else: the walnut lentil pate with rice crackers and can you guess what the one flavor was in the pate? yes rosemary! Arghhhh

The lesson: from now I will ask if rosemary are in dishes that I order!

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