Tuesday, June 14, 2011

NYC Day 4: Baby Cakes, Candle Cafe and Kate's Joint

Yesterday we went to Babycakes!!!!!! I was so excited about this vegan bakery which is mostly gluten free. I ordered a mini lemon coconut donut, choc chip cupcake (this had another name but I forgot) and a cinnamon roll. This donut was delicious although more cakey than I remember donuts to be but I'm not complaining! The cupcake was amazing, I loved that there was choc chips both in the batter and the frosting. By the time I got to the cinnamon roll though I couldn't finish it. It was too sweet and I had already had enough sugar (or agave or whatever) but I will be back to try some other things!

Moo shoes was just around the corner so I also got a pair of shoes.

We then hired some bikes and cycled around central park, it was so gorgeous, it was so big that we only got to see a tiny amount and didn't get to see strawberry fields but we did see a squirrel, it was so cute:

We went to candle cafe for lunch, I ordered the ginger miso stir fry, it was delicious and healthy and just what I needed after the sugar in the morning although quite pricey at $16.

Toby got the plate with carrot ginger sauce and wasabi dressing, tofu, coconut rice, home fries and beans. I loved the wasabi dressing, I was expecting it to be spicey but it was mild but was also expensive for what it was, although I now can't find the price on the menu.

By the time the taxi dropped us off at home we were super tired to decided to go to kates joint because it's the closest to our apartment. Kate's joint is like a laidback bar and cafe with a slightly grunge type feel.  It's got a typical american style menu but is vegetarian, so there is hot dogs, burgers etc on the menu.

It's not particuarly gluten free friendly, but I could order the nachos. It was covered in two types of daiya cheese, lettuce, salsa, black beans and I guess some sort of sour cream. It was awesome junk food.


  1. i've never been to the candle cafe, but am so looking forward to it the next time i go to ny! it looks like you guys are having a fun time exploring and eating!

  2. Did you manage to get photo/s of the interior of Babycakes? I'd be interested in seeing them if so.

  3. Caitlin, so so much fun. Ny is awesome!

    Jo, I'll post one on the next post. There is also a few of me eating in there on facebook.