Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Veg Out Time- St Kilda

After eating pizza, lord of the fries and plenty of chocolate it was time for something healthier with our vegan fitness friends. So we suggested Veg Out Time in St Kilda. It's a small vegetarian restaurant with plenty of vegan options. This was my first time to the St Kilda store since going gf, I had already had a good gf experience though at the Chapel St Store. When I inquired about what was gluten free, the staff member explained thay most of the dishes were gluten free. They were kind that they even showed me the bottles of their soy sauce and vegetarian oyster sauce to show that their sauces were gluten free. Rochelle, Toby and I shared some dishes. We had the brown rice and two dish combo which costs roughly $8-$9. We chose the yellow tofu and Tom yum tofu. Rochelle and I both preferred the fried tofu with the lovely tangy tom yum sauce whereas Toby preferred the yellow tofu because of the mushrooms.

The other two dishes we ordered off their 'cooked to order' menu which was only $10.9 is short but cheap and still very quick:

First the lemongrass tofu, this was medium spiced but not too spicey for either of us. We all loved it.

And lastly the pad thai, this was tasty though I don't think it was particularly authentic and think it was missing that fried noodle texture and taste.

Overall it was quick, cheap and incredibly tasty. I'm still touched that they went to the effort to show me the products it means that I will feel safe eating there. Rochelle said that 'it was incredible value, and really clean flavours which I often find lacking in these cheaper end places!' which I completely agree with.

Vegan in Australia blogged about it just a few days ago!

Veg Out Time- St Kilda
63 Fitzroy St
St Kilda

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  1. yum - I had some of their curries from teh Chapel St store for lunch the other day and they were delicious! Theyir staff are very helpful with gluten free Q's - so I can second your yummy gf vote!