Sunday, June 19, 2011

NYC Day 9: Brooklyn Flea Market, Cocoa V, Babycakes and Pala

Today was our last full day in nyc, we leave tomorrow afternoon for san fran. We started the day by walking over the brooklyn bridge, which was so pretty, see:

We visited the brooklyn flea market again, on saturdays it is held at fortgreen and sundays it is held in Williamsburg. For details check out here, I preferred the williamsburg sunday one which we visited last week. This one didn't have the blackstrap molasses or the raw vegan stall. So I settled for bean and cheese tacos without cheese which were bland:

Then we went to Cocoa V, an all vegan chocolate and wine bar. I ordered the nut cheese platter for one, which I'm pretty sure is Dr cow cheese bran.

It comes with gluten free crackers, dried figs, apples and regular pretzels.  The flavours of cheese from left to right are: regular, aged cashew and dulse and aged cashew and crystal manna algae cheese. I was skeptical because I vaguely remember Troy and Bec saying that they didn't like it but Toby and I both loved it. Toby loved the algae variety and I liked the regular flavour. The tetxure was excellent too.

We also got spiced hot chocolate which had a range of spices including cinnamon and burned my throat a tiny amount as a result of the cayenne pepper in it. It was quite creamy though and I wonder what dairy free milk they use, I'm sure it wasn't soy:

I worked up quite an appetite when we wondered around MOMA, so glad I got to visit afterall. We then visited babycakes for the last time, sob sob. I got a chocolate chip cookie and a brownie bite (the sugar variety instead of the agave one). The cookie was crispy and the brownie was more cakey than fudgey but both were so yummy. I also got some treats for the long plane trip tomorrow and choc mint cookie, which was thin chocolate cookie covered in minty icing.

 For dinner we went to Pala Pizza again. We shared the spring salad which felt healthy after lots of sugar although not particularly exciting.

And of course I had to get THE PIZZA again. The base wasn't as spectacular as last time, I think because it was slightly undercooked but was still the best pizza i've had. It's called the etna, and it turns out it is super crispy eggplant not caramelised onions.


  1. I am getting so hungry just reading about your adventures. Can't wait to get there myself :)

  2. wow, doesnt Australia have alot of catching up to do! I would love to go to that vegan choc and wine bar, amazing.


  3. The pizza and the cocoa look delicious. Your adventures make me yearn for my hometown. Great pics too.

  4. that bean taco does look bland. i hate when there are very few vegan options. but that looks so freakin good! i need to go to that pizzeria next time i take a trip to ny!