Wednesday, November 9, 2011

World Vegan day 2011

Phone pics warning

I think this year was my favourite, it was at the abbotsford convent again but they opened up a whole other section so you could sit and eat food and/or watch the live acts, as well as the two halls and normal middle section. It was excellent space wise and there was plenty of new stalls but it didn't feel crowded. The gf savoury options were a bit limited but I didn't mind because I ate plenty of desserts including a gluten  chocolate cherry cupcake from mr nice guy, you really couldn't tell it was gluten free:

raw cashew coconut soft serve from loving hut, this was great, I just wanted more:

Cookies including amazing mini gluten free oreos from saf patisserie, so sad though that I missed their rocky road though which appetite affliction raved about.

I had half of my friend Eve's raw mango cheesecake from las vegan bakery, they sold out before I could get mine but thanks for sharing with me Eve, it was tangy and sweet, perfect really. I also got some honeycomb raw chocolate from luna marie chocolates to take home (although it only made it to the car ) which I also raved about last year.

I watched a demonstration of how to make brazil nut milk and I found my fave chocolate bars from the US called eli's earth bars from the uproar store and I picked up a cat hammock. I come across lots of new stores including the artic vegan store selling vegan shoes and the vegan baby store. Well done organisers, was an excellent day!


  1. OMG! Insanely jealous... That soft serve looks amazing, and I've heard nothing but wonderful things about those Eli's Earth Bars (are they actually truly really nicer than Go Max Go Bars?!) Do you guys actually have a Loving Hut down there?

    I've tried the luna mare choc, too, and I think it's my favourite raw chocolate. Very melty and not gritty.

  2. All the food looks good, but can you PLEASE post photos of the cat hammock?! Preferably with your kitteh laying in it :)

  3. It's nice to see someone else writing about the event! I'm sad that I didn't know any other bloggers to be able to arrange a meet up/epic picnic in the grass area. Maybe next year?

    I love that you had one of those cupcakes! Also - HOW ON EARTH did I miss that cashew coconut soft serve??? *sadface*

  4. I wish I could get along one year - it just coincides with too many birthdays for me! All looks delish

  5. So jealous! Maybe next year I need to go to Melbourne instead. :P