Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Yong's Green Food- New Menu

We went to Yong's on Sunday night with Bec and Troy and discovered that they have a new menu with plenty of gluten free options.

Phone picture warning

Toby and I decided to share the buckwheat crepes, the crepes were delicious and didn't have a strong buckwheat flavor, the filling felt quite healthy with wasabi mayo which not spicy at all and plenty of fresh vegies.

I also got the kimchi fried rice, this was delicious, the kimchi wasn't too spicy and just added a slight kick to the dish and I love the addition of the creamy cashew sauce. I wouldn't have thought of combining the two things but it worked!

I also couldn't resist getting a shake, have become obsessed with almond and cashew milk lately but don't currently have a blender. I chose the cacao shake with had a nice choc banana taste but did leave me filling super full. I sadly didn't take a pic of the shake but did get a picture of Troy's kombucha, he let me have a sip, it was my first time trying it and better than I thought, with a slight sour flavour.

Yong's Green Food
421 Brunswick Street

The service was great and I do enoy going there, its got such cute surroundings. Although I wonder if they tense up when they see me coming due to our first review which was negative. I certainly don't have any ill feelings for them as the issue was well and truly resolved and I respect how seriously they took me and how quickly it was fixed up. In fact I probably feel safer going there now when it comes to gluten free food then other places as i'm sure they learnt from their mistake and I haven't had any other issues in the numerous times that I have gone back.

It has recently been blogged about by my mini manifesto, mariecitadelle and sneakylily.


  1. The kimchi fried rice sounds really good. I have wanted to go to Yong's for ages but never get around to it. It's great that they have lots of GF meals.

  2. i would have gotten the buckwheat crepes, too! they look amazing!

  3. Was that the entire menu or just a page of it? I hope they haven't ditched the gyoza D:

  4. Hmmm, I might have to give that kimchi rice a go on my next visit!

  5. Mel, i know its great!

    Caitlin, they were yummy.

    Cindy, I highly recommend it!

    Fiona, just a new page, perhaps a special menu on opt of the regular menu. Still have gyoza, Toby had some!