Wednesday, December 7, 2011


'Easy' is probably one of the most common words used in this blog, along with noodles, ice cream and dessert because most of the dishes we make tend to be easy dishes which don't take hours and aren't fiddly to make. Except for maybe the few decorated cakes. This dish really surprised me because I didn't expect it to be easy.

I had areapas in san francisco once and enjoyed them and looked at the recipe in viva vegan but thought it sounded like too much word so avoided making them until a few weeks ago. I once tried to make pupusas but found them too be too fiddly but these are completely different. So easy and are quicker to make than corn tortillas.

But better yet they have act as a great glutenfree bun type alternative.  Ivan pointed out that they are almost like english muffins, slighty hard on the outside and soft iside. So I'm also considering making these again with tofu benedict.

I filled mine with our regular chilli, cheddar cheezly and quacamole. Not sharing the recipe, since I've already posted a few from viva vegan here and you should go get the book you cheap skate. I also tried the corn and cheese filled variety minus the cheese but found that the corn kept getting burnt so prefer the plain variety.


  1. I looked at the recipes and avoided these for ages - as they looked too difficult. I couldn't believe how damn easy they were to make, and how YUMMY! I loved the tempeh filling, too.

    Yours look a little better-shapen than ours!

  2. you should check out the cruzao arepa bar on brunswick st if you haven't already :) my favorite melbourne eatery as I am also gluten intolerant!

  3. I saw a recipe for these on a food show the other day and mentally bookmarked it.. they seem pretty easy considering the result! Yours look delicious and I'm pretty impressed at your cheap skate stand point haha :D

  4. Your arepa looks fantastic! I have made them a couple of times but they haven't turned out as perfect as yours. I agree that they are pretty easy to make and really tasty too.