Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I love sandwiches and specialise in bad food photos

Those of you who read food blogs know that that most food bloggers take time and do the right things like take pics using natural light, don't use a flash and then there are bloggers like me who don't. I guess I'm an eater first and a blogger second. When food is put in front of me I take a quick pic (yes one, two at the most) and then eat it, no fussing around at all because I'm a bloody impatient eater. Almost all of the food is prepared at night so the flash is always on. I know I'm committing some blogger crime and sometimes the pictures are ok, other times they are really bad so but I don't let that stop me from blogging about it because good food needs to be shared even if there arern't good food pics to go with the story. Anyway enough talk here is a dedication to my recent sandwhich addiction.

So it all started with Mr T's Hashbrown burger sandwich which was the best brunch food:

And then straight after we tried hashbrown plus stir fried broccoli and tartar sauce which was ok but not worth repeating:

And then I made parmas using frys schnitzels, cheezly and a jar of pasta sauce. They were better that EBC Parmas and cheaper too and so easy:

it also rocked in a sandwhich:

I'm also addicted to the tofu fish sticks (or fish fingers as I call them) both plain and in sandwhiches. Mr T always alters the recipe depending on what we have. These were made with almond meal and dulse flakes. We always eat them with masterfoods traditional tartar sauce which is accidently vegan. Mr T has them with tomato sauce because he's a freak :P

And finally not a sandwhich but bread related, french toast. I followed Lidia's and Cristy's suggestions and made the fronch toast from vegan with a vengence and topped it with Hershey's choc syrup, mmmm it was so good!

We are in the midst of moving so it might be a while before I blog again.


  1. I reckon that a mediocre food photo is better than no food photo, so keep snapping and eat it while it's hot. :-)

  2. i'm like you when it comes to food photos (i posted a very unappealing looking blob of vegan cheese photo the other day and i have had a couple "bucket-o-soup" and pot of soup photos that look pretty horrible). at least the food tastes good.
    i think i'm gonna be trying those "fish" fingers tonite-- they sound soooooo good!

  3. I totally agree! Although I can get slightly precious about my food photos (and make people who also order something vegan wait until I've snapped it before eating ... I like to think of this as a loveable quirk rather than a really annoying habit), I actually know nothing about photography and am sure that all my shots commit horrendours photo sins. But bugger it! It's all for the sharing! And I reckon that au naturelle photos help recreate the ambience of the eating experience anyway.

    PS - where can I get Fry's schnitzels? I wanna Parma!

    Miss T

  4. Heh, some people buy backdrops and lights specifically for their photos, and they get beautiful shots. I try to position myself so my shadow isn't falling on the food, but I use the automatic setting on my camera and know zero about photography, so my shots are usually pretty ordinary. I don't really think it makes a difference, really. Good recipes are good recipes.

    Your first sandwich reminds me so much of my undergrad days. My friends and I would order vegan sausage patty, hash brown, tomato, vegan cheese and english muffin from the dining hall, then we would find a comfy couch and make them all into the yummiest brekky sandwich on the planet.

  5. I recently tried Fry's Schnitzels and thought they were yummo and now I feel like one plus a has brown, haha.

    And Hershey's choc sauce is vegan? Woh! I'm going to have to get some to try

  6. Your parmas look awesome! Good luck with the move.

  7. If you're looking for a recipe to use up some of your chickpea flour, try this one:
    I made it a few months back and it was pretty tasty.

  8. random question: is there somewhere around brunswick that you can get nutritional yeast (i just keep ordering from the cruelty free shop but i'd be good if i could get it locally)?