Sunday, April 19, 2009

Coles Garlic Bread

There are a few different varieties of coles brand garlic bread and only one of them appears to vegan. It is cheap and not healthy at all but quite good. I still prefer our handmade sundried tomato garlic bread but for really lazy days this stuff is so great.

Speaking of accidentally vegan items, I really need to update the list here. Also I have made a facebook group: aussie vegan food updates (for both new vegan products and items that are no longer vegan). Feel free to join and spread the word. People can update it and I will send regular update private messages. Also I will need some fellow admin members, so if you feel like you are on top of what is vegan and what is not just let me know.


  1. Thank you for taking a look, as soon as I create a sidebar I will add you.

    I've done large amounts of reading about Kolios on forums and from what I could tell, there was one that came in feta and regular that was suitable for vegans. I guess the quest for perfect vegan cheese continues.

  2. nooo not facebook i still don't have one!

  3. Good work on creating the Fbook group, I'll be an Admin if you still need some :)

  4. Cooper yes I was sure too, I think I even posted on a forum that it was vegan fitness but then Emily asked to check the ingredients at vic market and it has casein in it.

    Steph, what are you waiting for :)

    Mandee, done thanks!