Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Long weekend = great company and awesome food

I really enjoyed the long weekend, it allowed me to catch up with friends and bake and eat lots of yummy food and to ride my new bike around. Speaking of bikes Mr T learnt how to ride one thanks to Craig who hasn't started blogging yet but will. Anyway on to the food:

We both made the eggs benedict from how it all vegan and was quite impressed, the egg doesn't taste much like eggs but it was so tasty and I discovered that I heart fake bacon.

Inspired by east brunswick club Mr T fried up some maple bacon, yes maple syrup with fake bacon, just try it! Pictured here with nutmeat which I'm nto a fan of but Mr T loves.

I made the choc chip scones from vegan with a vengeance and served them with soyatoo cream and jam. The cream is awesome, I just need to think of a way to use it up the rest that doesn't require baking.

We made mini carrot cake cupcakes because easter=bunnies= carrots. Thanks for that Marisa! I decorated them with icing flowers which turned out to be way too much work for about 60 mini cupcakes.

Lidia's friend Joe Fox made us waffles which we made waffles sandwiches with. I decided to try all 3 toppings since I couldn't decide: strawberry, chocolate and maple syrup. So so so great!!!!

Other great things I didn't get pictures of: A1 pizza, lots of chocolate easter eggs, fried dumplings which our friend Ann showed us to cook properly and Erin's yummy corn bread with maple butter.

I'm so sad to back to work!


  1. i want waffles! and i made scones too!

  2. Looks like a yummy Easter wkend, I spent a lot of the wkend baking and eating too!