Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Lasagna saves the day

Mr T and I made the tempeh lasagna that we read about on where's the beef and was originally made over at tofu for two.

And boy am I glad we did as we had lots of leftovers and the very next day Mr T injured himself quite badly. He was at a kung fu class and fell quite hard and now has damage to nerves in both his arms and hands, yes BOTH hands! It means that he has had painful pins and needles non stop for days and can't really use his hands for anything. So I've been feeding him and well doing anything for him, the poor thing can't really do much and is in a lot of pain. Thankfully he is young and fit though so he should heal and it shouldn't a long lasting thing. So it's been soooooooo great to have premade food that I can just pop in the oven for several meals.

Anyway, back to the food itself. We had the intention of doubling the recipe but ended up only doubling the tempeh (which Cindy kind of suggested anyway) and doubled the amount of cashews only but not the rest of the sauce and it was still awesome. You know a recipe is great when you don't even follow it correctly and it still turns out great! I think it is a two person recipe though because it has several parts and takes a little while to make but it is worth it because you end up with quite a lot of yummy meals. I'm not even a big fan of tempeh but this almost makes me a convert!

Now what bulk meal should I make tonight to get us through several more meals?


  1. Yum yum, we'll be making this again for sure!

    But for tonight we're planning tofu tacos with salad and salsa. :-)

  2. Oh noes Mr T!

    I recommend dahl, for an excellent bulk meal.

  3. macaroni cheese casserole?
    any kind of casserole, really.
    shepards pie?
    if you make a really big pot of pho (the recipe i used and blogged about a while ago is stella) it can last for a souper* long time and is really good for you :D.

    i find when i'm "budgetting" (uh, this never happens because i'm terrible with money so by budgetting i mean HAVE RUN OUT OF MONEY til next pay or whatever) i drink lots and lots more tea with milk instead of snacking or eating as big portions as i used to because milky tea makes me feel like i've eaten lots....
    also possibly that is not a very healthy thing to do ^_^.

    basically i find that anything that gets cooked in the oven can last for a few servings and inevitabley tastes better each following time.


  4. I hope Mr T's hands heal v.quickly.

    I agree with Mac N Cheese, I like the VegNews recipe or a risotto or rice based dish.

  5. Oh no, I hope Mr T gets better quickly. A big pot of chilli or stew of some kind is an easy to make meal that can be reheated quickly.

  6. The lasagna sounds yummy! I would go with a big pot of tomatoey veg and pasta stew or veg curry (especially good with chickpeas and veg sausages) for bulk meals - these are the sort I make in a big stockpot and keep us going for days - usually with some in the freezer for later! Hope Mr T's hands are getting better

  7. Thanks for all of your ideas and get well wishes for Mr T!