Monday, April 20, 2009

So good and yet so very bad: fried tartex

I normally just eat tartex (vegetarian pate) on crackers or on toast but decided to have a google for recipes and found a page full of recipes. One of the lasiest, easiest and nastiest recipes is the tartex fritters. Basically you get puff pastry make a circle out of it using a glass or whatever and put some tartex in the centre then close up and fry like crazy. It also asked to coat each one in milk but I skipped that step and it didn't seem to matter. I didn't even know you could fry puff pastry but you certainly can. These were awesome!

The only problem was that I only had one sheet of puff pastry left so couldn't make many.


  1. Oh my! Perhaps the fact that you had only one sheet of puff pastry was lucky, given the eat-until-ill temptation these pose. :-)

  2. Genius. I think I'm lucky that there isn't any pastry in the house.... :)