Sunday, June 14, 2009

Automatic cafe and pink cupcakes

My little sister turned 18 last weekend and to celebrate I made pink oreo cupcakes because she loves pink. I didn't mix the crushed oreos into the icing though like the recipe asked for because it becomes too chunky and is difficult to ice in my icing gun, also it turns it a weird grey colour, instead I just sprinkled the crushed oreos on top.

And we went to automatic cafe at the casino. I was suprised to learn that this cafe had 3 items on the menu that were marked as vegan. Consdiering we are not talking about a cafe in the northern suburbs and we are talking about the casino I was surprised.

Mr T and I shared the baked beans which were the BEST BAKED BEANS I HAVE EVER HAD. They had carrots in them that just kind of melted in your mouth and had a lovely smoky, slightly salty flavour.

We also had the dhal, which come with flat bread which was cooked in the wood oven and had some tomato based relish on this side. This was yummy but compared to the best baked beans ever you really can't even compare the two.

I look forward to trying the other vegan dish: chickpea cassoleut.

Automatic cafe
No 8 Whiteman St
South Melbourne
9690 8500


  1. surprisingly they've had vegan marked items on the menu since the late nineties (I worked at their sister one in sydney at that time)

  2. That's pretty impressive, that they have well marked vegan items for so long.

  3. Those beans look delish and I'm not normally a baked beans fan!

    And I love the cupcakes and is that your cupcake courier?

    I like the idea of sprinkling the cookie crumbs on because I can never pipe the icing when I mix them in, thanks!

  4. Mandee, that's my small cheap coles cupcake carrier, but I've also got a cupcake courier.