Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Self frosting peanut butter cupcakes

Over the long weekend, it was pouring down with rain and I decided that I need to bake something without leaving to go to the shops, I decided on the self frosting peanut butter cupcakes from my sweet vegan.

So I started making them and then realised that what I thought was apple sauce in the fridge was actually apple, banana, strawberry puree and decided to use it anyway. It actually worked, the banana worked well with the chocolate, and peanut butter and you couldn't really taste the strawberry. I know that I am on to a good recipe when I substitute it with something silly and they still taste great.

I loved the idea of self frosting, although I am not sure it is that much easier than just making icing. Still these felt a little healthier and they were delicious.

Speaking of delicious, Cindy introduced me to the bookmarking website delicious, which I have been way too excited about. Now I can bookmark all the recipes online with appropriate tags, and access them from any computer. Yes I am kind of a nerd!


  1. delicious is pretty much the greatest thing ever. I must be that kind of nerd too. If you use firefox, I can't recommend the delicious add-on enough; when I switched to shiira for a while, I had trouble living without it.

    The cupcakes look delicious and I wish I had one to eat right now. I'm in a sadly cupcake-less universe.

  2. I love those cupcakes, they're the thing I make the most from that cookbook.

  3. Yum! I still haven't really tried a baked good with the pb and chocolate combo, I think I'll try these as I haven't made anything from MSV.

    And I've read about sites like Delicious, thanks for the link. I always bookmark sites and then can never find them again :S

  4. Ooh, how are they self-saucing? Do you sauce the bottom of the cupcake pattie? Choc and PB is just about the bested cupcake/desserty combo ever Oi reckons.

  5. sj, I'm glad I'm not the only nerd :-)

    vegan brighton, I can see why.

    Mandee, you have to try the combo, it's awesome!

    Miss T, the frosting is added to the top prior to baking.