Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A month of fruit crumbles

First I made the apple and berry crumble from now vegan for friends. I really liked this recipe. It was quick, warming and our dinner guests seemed to enjoy it. I just used blueberries because I often find the mixed frozen berries are a little sour.

I still had crumble mixture leftover so I decided to make Pip's pear and berry crumble with half her crumble and half Pips's. I loved the texture of her crumble and the pears however I think I used too much cardamon as I found it quite overpowering.

And then we had crumble at Press club when several of us enjoyed their vegan dishes. But you will you need to wait for Cindy and Rachel to blog about it for more details.


  1. Yummy crumbles. Pear and berry sounds really nom!

  2. yeah, you have to be careful with the cardamon! it's one of those flavours that is enchanting when you use a little but noxious if you use too much. glad to see you enjoyed the recipe none the less!

  3. I made my first ever crumble just this week! It was apple and pear and I was so excited! (it was delicious)