Saturday, January 9, 2010

Tart N Round saved my soul

I went to Tart n Round last night and Toby and I were seriously impressed. As Toby commented they are no longer just a dessert place. Their savoury options have improved since I was there last and there is a new larger menu. I can now really understand Lena's excitement.I can't even begin to explain my new found appreciation for the place, since it is the only vegan and gluten free place, so the one place where I can eat everything! I hope they stay open for a long time, I really do. Sadly, it was pretty quiet and empty for a Saturday night.

I'm staying away from most veg restaurants at the moment, because it's just too depressing seeing all of my old favourite dishes that I now can't eat. Also, I've already tried lots of gluten free products that have been horrible so it was relieve to get some good things. This is also my first gluten free meal that I have walked away feeling really full. Plus, for gluten free meals the prices are quite reasonable.

Please excuse the dark and blurry camera phone pics!

Toby and I decided to share one main and one entree to allow room for dessert. We had the lentil moussaka, it had a layer of mashed potato in it, which added a creaminess and just made the meal really comforting and got the thumbs up from both of us. It was awesome comfort food.

We also had shared an entree of pumpkin risotto balls, that were served with a tomato chutney. It was noticable that they didn't have regular bread crumbs, but some sort of alternative crumbing, but it didn't affect the taste. These were Toby's favourite.

In the background, our friends tried the dips with bread. I was hesitant about trying anything that resembled bread, because I've been warned from several people to stay away from any g/f bread for a while, because most of it sucks compared to regular bread. But this toasted bread, was almost like toasted pita bread, crisp and delicious and not at all weird tasting. I was over the moon, seriously wanting to jump up and down on my chair and squeal in delight. I know it's not regular bread, but to have wraps like this would still make life a lot easier. The staff/owners are so friendly, and showed me the packet: it's the old time bakery organic gluten free bread, watch out though because the non organic gluten free bread contains dairy. Now I just need to find out where they stock it.

I also tried a tiny bit of a friend's pizza crust which is really thin but was a thousand times better than a gluten free pizza I have tried elsewhere.

And then I had the cherry chocolate cake which is over the top. I couldn't finish it and look forward to eating the leftovers today. I know some people can't handle the over the top sweetness/richness of their desserts, but it's exactly my type of dessert. It's probably a good idea to share desserts because not only are they extra sweet but the pieces are also quite large.

Tart N Round
839 High St
9480 0818
Wed-Friday 12-10
Sat- Sun 9-10


  1. what a great place for you - love the sound of the moussaka - when I went there with a friend he didn't even seem to notice it was gluten free bread - which is unusual for someone who is not gf

  2. I went to Tart n Round for the first time today & don't know why I haven't been sooner! I had the baked potato & a strawberry soy shake & my lunch was so good & the guy there was really lovely. I am glad there is somewhere friendly not to far from you where you can eat whatever you want.

  3. We need to go there more to keep them alive. Their savory food improved a lot!