Thursday, April 8, 2010

Nostralis Wholemeal Vegetarian PIzza II

Long time no see, vegans!

Last week, Kristy and I went to Bec and Craig's place to eat pizza and watch Empire Strikes Back. Plush was closed so Craig drove to Nostralis for some yummy gluten-free vegan pizza.

Last time when we went there, we enjoyed the Garlic Pizza and Vindaloo Pizza very much, so Craig decided get them again. He also picked the Spinach Pizza and Mexicana Pizza.

Nostralis is very different than other veg*n pizza joints. They don't use stuff like vegie sausages or fried tofu. Their gluten-free base is pretty good and they put a shite load of Cheezly on the pizza too.

I loved the complex flavour of the Vindaloo Pizza. The combination of ingredients (Tomato, Cheese, Banglore Beans, Peppers, Sultanas, Hot Spices, Banana, Onions & Vindaloo Curry Paste) is very unusual but it works.

I didn't like the Mexicana Pizza much. It was like bland Chilli on a pizza base.

We also had the Garlic Pizza and Spinach Pizza (sans Fetta and Egg). They were both fresh, simple and nice.

I will go back to try more pizza!

Nostralis Wholemeal Vegetarian Pizza
55 Hawthorn Rd Caulfield North 3161
Phone 9528-49-61

On my walkman:
Someone To Drive You Home - The Long Blondes


  1. Vindaloo has long been one of my favourite Indian curries, so much so that last year I started using vindaloo paste as a base for stirfries... which is to say that the Vindaloo pizza sounds awesome and I'm excited to hear it lived up to this awesomeness taste-wise. Another one for when I next get to Melbourne!

  2. omg it looks amazing! so jealous of these places I'll never go to eating extravaganzas!! must pull my finger out but I'm LAZY

  3. Hannah, it might taste too "healthy" for most of the people. My other Melbourne vegan pizza must-eat are: Plush's Tom Yum and Ben's Special and Stefan's Vegan Perfection.