Sunday, October 2, 2011

Chamomile Lemon Iced Tea with Maple Ice Cubes- Vegan Mofo Day 2

I kind of felt bad for making such an easy dessert for the potluck so I also made this drink which was suprisingly enjoyed by the toddlers, who knew that toddlers loved lemony things so much?

Chamomile Lemon Iced Tea I doubled and adapted this recipe from whole family fare:
1/2 cup dried chamomile flowers (or 3-4 tea bags) (I used the teabags)
juice of 1 lemon plus a few extra lemon slices
4 cups  water

Boil water.  Remove from heat and add the chamomile flowers and lemon juice. Let sit for 10-20 minutes. Remove tea bags or strain flowers and refrigerate until it cools.

Serves 4

Maple Ice Cubes  

100 ml water
100 ml maple syrup

Mix water into maple syrup and then pour into a ice cube tray and freeze.

The ice cubes were so easy to make and I can't resist different ice cube ideas, remember the mint ones? But it might be easier taste wise to just add maple syrup to the tea so you can adjust according to preference and then add regular ice cubes, but where would be the fun in that?


Add ice cubes to tea right before serving.


It was quite refreshing and not overly sweet. I personally think it could do with a bit more maple syrup or agave but then I have a major sweet teeth, so adjust accordingly.

Also to celebrate vegan mofo I spend this week working on a recipe index, which was such a long irritating process. Go check it out at the top of my page. Thanks to Carla and Johanna for pointing me in the right direction with the anchors!


  1. I really enjoyed your iced tea, it was so refreshing! I feel your pain with the recipe index, it took ages for me to get mine organised and I still want to put in some anchors too... I do find a recipe index very useful, will check yours out now.

  2. mmm, chamomile! This sounds pretty good.

  3. That sounds so refreshing & yummeh! :)

  4. This sounds really good! I love tea & am always looking for new recipes (especially when it comes to iced tea).

    PS Happy MoFo :)

  5. Such a good idea and so simple!
    Happy MoFo'ing

  6. I loved this at the potluck - and I have loose leaf camomile that I know I will never use up in tea so I must make this over summer - sylvia loved it and so did I - so freshing

  7. Sounds yum. LOVE maple syrup, chamomile tea and lemon. Never thought of putting them all together, though. Will have to now!

  8. recipe index is good once you get it going... it's my most hit site...this drink looks so good!

  9. Wow - I just imagine Southern girls in big bell skirts drinking this tea on the wrap around porch! Awesome!