Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sweet Potato Ginger Soup - Vegan Mofo Day 27

Chinese deserts are highly influenced by Tradition Chinese Medicine.  

In Summer, we would eat sweet soup with mung bean and seaweed in Summer to "cool down".  In dry weather, we would eat  Silver Ear Mushroom and Papaya soup to "nourish" our throat and lungs.

It was pretty cold the other day, so I decide to some sweet potato ginger soup to warm us up.  I found a recipe online (In Chinese) and it is very easy to make. It's a very authentic recipe and very warming, K enjoyed it too because its quite sweet.


1/2 big yellow sweet potato or a purple sweet potato, choped (I used 2 medium orange one from supermarket, not very authentic   
A few slices of "old" ginger
Chinese rock sugar (yellow), to taste


- Bring 2 to 3L of water to boil in a pot
- Add sweet potato and ginger  
- When the sweet potato is soft, add rock sugar (I add it a little at a time until it is soft enough)
- Serve! 

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