Sunday, April 5, 2009

More birthday treats

Pip and Tim made me some beer bread and tomato and onion relish for my birthday.

The beer bread was full of flavour and savoury with a very slight sweet taste

and the tomato and onion relish was slightly peppery and the onions really shined through, it was by the far the tastiest relish I have ever had.

I had it with some fried sanitarium tender pieces for one very lazy dinner.

And it was even better the next day when I made sandwiches with yummy fry's polony.

Thanks Pip and Tim, you both rock!


  1. Hey!
    No worries!
    If you haven't already tracked down the recipe for the beer bread, the link is here:
    there are also a few other really cool recipes on there too.

  2. you're very welcome (though all i did was write the label...)