Friday, April 17, 2009

Purple Vitasoy not vegan

The calci plus Vitasoy is no longer vegan as the vitamin D is from Lanolin.

A friend of my suggested having an Aussie facebook group with updates on changes to vegan products, what do you think?

Btw, I now have an actual title section like every other blogger account thanks to Michael.


  1. I would love a facebook group for updates (both changes to existing products & also new products that become available)!

  2. ... and I can read your posts in their entirety from my RSS aggregator - hooray!

  3. Yup, the purple one hasn't been vegan for a while now, only I don't think they told anyone. I'm just happy the rice milk is still fine.

    Good idea re. the group, will you make it? Or do you want a thread in the Aussie Vege & Vegans group?

  4. thanks for the suggestion - i just contacted the go-to person to join

  5. Or see Is It Vegan, a user-edited wiki of vegan/non-vegan/tested/not tested products, alcohols, ingredients, establishments.

  6. Thanks Adam, but your site appears to be all about American products not Aussie ones.