Friday, April 10, 2009

Wood Spoon

On our most recent recent date night Mr T took us to Wooden Spoon. As we walked down Smith St I was sure that we were going to Wabi sabi salon because I have never heard or paid any attention to Wood spoon before. Mr T had even discussed the place with Cindy who agreed to hold off blogging about it until after the date, thanks Cindy! It's a really cute omni place that has vegan options including DESSERT. We had:

warm sake and seaweed salad

Two types of Onigari: seaweed and sansai (mixed vegtables)
Dengaku Don (midly spiced eggplant in miso based sauce with tofu ) and Pumpkin Gnocchi in Coconut Tomato Soup
And Pumpkin Dando in Coconut Milk which included sweet red beans, It was creamy, sweet and very tasty!

I was impressed, it was well priced, great food and cute decor. Great work Mr T!

Wood Spoon
88 Smith St Collingwood
Tue-Sun 12-9pm


  1. I. Want. It. Now.

    I keep saying I'm going to go but that Dengaku Don looks incredible. Happy anniversary!

  2. this looks really good, tim and i will have to try it out - actually we tried to eat there one night but it turned out to be the only night of the week it's closed. ***and i think it's called wood spoon ;)