Sunday, May 23, 2010

Gluten Free Funky Pies

It's only Sunday morning and this has already proven to be a very good weekend of eating new things. First, Radical Grocery got in two types of gluten free funky pies: No Wurry Curry and Mediterranean Veg. I was so excited about this that I literally jumped up and down. I have eaten regular funky pies before and loved them, so rushed out and brought 6 (3 of each flavour). Also I have seen lots of non vegan gluten free pies and have felt like I am missing out.

Toby and I share one of each flavour with some sweet potato fries on friday night, we did make the mistake of not defrosting them properly so they took a while to bake which I think resulted in slightly overcooked and hard crusts as you can kind of see in this pic.

Here is a kind of gross picture of the insides, because we were rushing to eat them. On top is the No Wurry Curry and on the bottom is the Mediterranean veg.

The Mediterranean veg, contains eggplant, silverbeet, spinach, potatoes and carrots. It kind of felt a bit like a healthy pie but tasted great with tomato sauce. We both preferred the No Wurry Curry version with it's mild lentil and chickpea curry in a coconut sauce. The non burnt bits of pastry in the middle were great, unlike some other gluteny pastry that I have tried it didn't have the cardboardy feel. Thanks to Funky Pies for making gluten free versions and to Radical grocery for stocking them, you both made my day and I will be back for more!


  1. I think I need some No Wurry Curry right now... waiting to hear if a rental application has been accepted. Hearty pastry sounds liek just the ticket. Fie on you Canberra for your lack of yummies like this!

  2. Funky pies are awesome! I'm so glad they have gluten free ones for you now.

    Hannah, if there is no stockist nearby, you can always online order from I think they stock addiction foods brownies for order too.

  3. Good luck with the rental application Hannah!

    Marisa, it really is considerate of them, most g/f products are from g/f companies rather than companies expanding their g/f range. I love those brownies too!

  4. i'm going to the radical grocery tomorrow for the first time..can't wait! definitely going to be buying these pies. love your blog btw.