Thursday, May 20, 2010

Gluten Free Garlic Bread!!!!

I have seen another gluten free garlic bread floating around but it has dairy in it, so I was happy to find a vegan version. It's called health right garlic bread which I found at Absolutely Gluten Free. It's not as good as regular garlic bread but it has a nice crust, and is quite garlicy with lots of herbs mixed in and it fills that empty gluteny garlic bread void quite nicely.

Toby and I are both having a pretty horrible week, so will be back posting proper posts next week when we hopefully have a bit more energy.


  1. hope the garlic bread restores some of your energy!

  2. Horrible weeks suck - I truly hope next week is entirely full go gluten-free rainbows and vegan unicorns and dancing leprechauns to make up for this one! :)