Thursday, May 6, 2010

Memphis BBQ Tofu and Peanut Butter Cups

A few weeks ago, I attended a pre-roller derby BBQ potluck at Emily's house. It wasn't the usual potluck crew, well except for Danni and Steph (and Jo), who have already blogged about it here. I was a little worried that there would be nothing I could eat with other vegans but there was loads of g/f options that I could eat and I got to meet a few more awesome vegans too. This all helped to soften the blow, because my fave roller derby team the dead ringer rosies got thrashed. We need you back playing Skate Bush!

Anyway derby speak aside, Toby made the Memphis BBQ Tofu from Vegan Dad and it really rocked. It is marinated in spices and then you add a lovely sweet home made BBQ sauce when it is almost ready. I loved it and it certainly got polished off really quickly. We will definitely make it for future BBQs.

And I made peanut butter cups using this recipe from Bittersweet, which is simple to make and yummy, although I used Lindt dark chocolate which I think made it a little too bitter. Are you sick of me blogging about various peanut butter-chocolate combinations? Here is Jo, showing the inside with her opposition derby colour nails:

Both photos taken from Danni because I'm slack

Thanks for all of the yummy G/f dishes everyone and Emily for inviting us!


  1. Both the tofu and pb cups look good, I'm glad the pc cup recipe worked, it's something I've wanted to try.

  2. The tofu was so tasty! ominomnom.

  3. I will never get sick of your chocolate/peanut butter combo recipes. EVER!

  4. all looks yum - keep up the peanut butter and chocolate combinations - they always looks so good

  5. Mandee, it worked fine. I did the the peppermint version however and it didn't work at all.

    Thanks Steph.

    Lisa and Johanna thanks, I'm glad I'm not boring people, i'm just obsessed with the combo.

  6. Please never stop posting about peanut butter and chocolate concoctions. I think my heart will crumble if you do. :)

  7. Peanut butter cups look delicious!