Sunday, May 9, 2010

A love letter to GF Bread

To Naturally Gluten Free,

Your Mediterranean bread makes my heart sing! It is almost regular bread size unlike the other g/f breads that are so small that they get stuck in my toaster and cause me to burn my fingers. Your bread goes brown and crispy like regular toast should and even better it doesn't taste like cardboard. It is also vegan unlike some other brands of g/f bread that they sell at the major supermarkets. Plus the sundried tomatoes, olives, capsicum and herbs means that I just need to add some nuttelex and a bit of a nooch (savoury yeast flakes) to get complete perfection. There is only one little problem, you don't have any stockists on the north side. I found you at Absolutely Gluten Free in Werribee amount other great gluten free things like garlic bread and apple pies. But I will find some way to access you regularly, I promise. Thanks for making mornings normal again!




  1. This sounds wonderful! I know what you mean about the tinyness of GF bread. Do bakers think only leprechauns have wheat intolerances or something?! I'm also loving the sound of nuttelex and nooch. I've just bought a tub of nooch, and see some delicious toast in my future! :)

  2. I am so glad you can get Naturally Gluten free bread!

    I too LOVE the Mediterranean loaf, it's my favourite! They are a fantastic company :)

  3. Thanks Thersa.

    Hannah, someone told me its small because it otherwise it comes apart but I'm not sure if that's true

    Mandee, it really is ace. I have to try their other flavours!