Saturday, April 24, 2010

Las Vegan has Gluten Free Desserts

Toby and I have gone to Las vegan twice in the fortnight. Both times on Thursday nights, and each time it has been busy. Go Las vegan!!!

There are a few different g/f main options but I always get the rice balls minus bean sprouts because apparently you shouldn't eat bean sprouts when you are having traditional chinese medicine. It comes with lots of salad, two massive rice balls with yummy satay sauce and plenty of coriander. It is delicious and healthy (if you ignore the fact that the rice balls are probably deep fried) and super filling. Toby always finishes it for me.

Toby had the sweet and sour "chicken" which comes with tofu, veggies, rice and a coleslaw type salad. Toby said it is not exactly as tangy as chinese take out version but is probably healthier. His regular favourite dish though is the sloppy joe burger.

But the exciting thing is that there are now g/f sweets. There are red velvet cupcakes which are were sweet and moist with icing that perhaps had a tiny bit of cream cheese in it. The cupcake itself is quite red.
My fav though was the chocolate peanut butter cookies which has peanut butter filling in the inside. These are amazing.

They also have other vegan gluteny desserts like vanilla slice and chocolate cookies. The profits of some sweets like the regular cookies goes to edgars mission.

Las Vegan
22 Smith St
9415 9001


  1. Choc PB cookies are the GF shiznit!

  2. those cookies look excellent - wish I could get organised enough to ride there one lunchtime when I am at work!

  3. Chocolate and peanut butter is the best combination in the world, bar none :D So awesome that this place has desserts for you now. Winner!