Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sydney eats?

So next weekend Toby and I and a few friends will be going to Sydney. So I would love your suggestions for must eats, also any cool op-shops or other interesting things!


  1. i thought of a sydney special thing! go to the addison street markets in marrickville. i used to try to go every week when i lived in sydney (i lived around the corner from this place) and i went in july and there was a lady who had lots of vegan gluten free thigns and serves it in a cabbage leaf! for seven dolla or not much more $$ than that. also lots of yummy other things there and coffee and second hand clothing and bricabrac too. its greattt!!!

  2. Nobody said anything about op-shopping Kristy - we're eating all weekend and that's all we're doing.

  3. OOOH.

    Green Palace in Newtown, and Naked Espresso and Basil Pizza, and that place across the road from there with the vegan icecream.


  4. My favourite Sydney noms:

    Breakfast and coffee at Naked Espresso.
    Mother Chu's salt and pepper soy strips.
    Deep fried sugar cane prawns at Green Palace.

  5. This might help:

  6. Also I LOVE the vanilla and maple syrup friands at Iku Wholefoods.

  7. yes, the addison street markets are beautiful and tasty. the stall Lena mentioned is by Lydia, I met her last week and took these photos of her "Earth Plate" and stall

    Also the Green Gourmet is in King St Newtown (apparently its way better to order off the menu), and they have a vegan grocery store next to it that sells vegan icecream and amazing (very rich and indulgent) raw vegan cheezecakes

    Have a great adventure! So much to eat veganly in sydney...