Monday, September 1, 2008

Ok so I really need a camera

So this blog been honoured with Aduki's read one thing in September tag yay! And I've just realised that I am perhaps the only blogger without a camera unless you count Mr T's camera phone which is what I have been using for the last month.

I really need to get one especially for Brisbane food pics. Anyone have any recommendations for cheapish (around $100) cameras that take good food pics?


  1. another thought for brisbane (having just returned from my homeland this morning!)

    go to burlington supermarket in chinatown.

    oh my goodness me.

    i haven't been to vincents so it's probably similar.
    this place isnt strictly veg but they do have an amazing array of fake NON-GLUTENOUS seafood.

    alex and i (mostly i) had a really good time looking at all the treats. mochi! delicious!

  2. Thanks Lena, will look out for it. I love asian supermarkets.