Monday, September 15, 2008

Vegan Pizza in the west

Stefans Pizza is located in Altona and is a regular omni pizza place that uses organic ingredients, has gluten free pizzas and VEGAN pizzas available. Many of the pizzas can be made vegan and they even have a vegan supreme( it think that is what it is called but don't quote me on it).

Mr T chose the vegan supreme(or whatever it is called) which has vegan pepperoni on it.

While I had the beetroot pizza.

They were both delicious and Stefan is a bit more generous with the soy cheese than plush. I can't decide which pizza I prefer though. The beetroot is simple whereas the vegan deluxe has lots of stuff on it but they both taste great in their own ways.

He can also do vegan garlic bread if you ask him to.

Apparently he's struggling with business in Altona, so go and support him and keep one of the few vegan options in the west alive.

Stefans Pizza
47 Civic Pde, Altona.
Thu-Sun 4.30pm til late


  1. Beetroot pizza? I'm intrigued. And vegan pizza + vegan garlic bread? Yummo.

  2. It was great, if you love beetroot like me!

    I just realised how blurry the pizzas are. I wondered if that was the steam affecting the lense. Sorry!