Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I have a camera

I got a cheap olympus one for about $150 from Dick Smith. To celebrate, I made some white choc orange cookies. I followed the recipe from the have cake, will travel blog but substituted the whiskey with more soy milk and doubled the amount of white choc chips since the sweet william white choc chips are so small and I'm greedy. They looked overcooked on the bottom as you can see in the pic but they stilled tasted yummy and were fine in the inside with just a nice hint of orange. I'm still get used to the macro settings on the new camera because there is macro, and then super macro options. Maybe I should read the manual.

I also tested out the camera by taking some pics of button:
Here she is up close and asleep on my lap (and yes they are my pj bottoms in the background)

And here with one of her favourite toys, a lid from a plastic bottle. She has lots of cat toys but instead chooses to play with her own made up toys- like this lid or a hair clip or an elastic band. She will run around the house playing with them for hours.


  1. I thought Button was licking her paw in that second picture of her, and I thought, "Wow, that is a RED tongue". But, it's a bottle cap. That makes much more sense.

    Note to self: buy vegan white chocolate when in Melbourne!

  2. button is beautiful! i have a longhaired calico cat in newcasle called lily and i miss her...

  3. Theresa, I can point you in the right direction when you get here. When are you coming again?

    Philipa thanks, lily is a cool name for a cat!