Thursday, September 18, 2008

Chickpea flour is my friend

When I saw the seitan patties over at the eat air blog. I knew I had to make them straight away. I had all of the ingredients except for the chickpea flour so I popped around to the Indian supermarket on Sydney Rd which is thankfully open past 5pm and got a packet of chickpea flour (besam flour) for $1.50.

Everything was going well until I dropped most of the gluten flour on the floor. So I used less than the recipe asked for and slightly more besam flour. I loved the idea of cooking them in a muffin tin. It meant nice almost perfect circles. Aren't they cute?
As for taste, they were yummy and tasted like a cross between a pakora and aian style gluten dishes. Here's a look of the texture inside:
My hand is wet not oily, I promise!

I can't wait to make these again with the right mixture of chickpea flour and gluten flour and to try Bratwurst-style variation.

But my question to you, what are the best chickpea flour recipes that don't involve deep frying?


Speaking of legumes (in addition to the chickpea flour there are white beans in these little things), Lucy at Nourish Me is hosting My Legume Love Affair which is created by Susan at Well Seasoned cook. So go and enter, if there is one things vegan know well it's legumes :-)


  1. I am obsessed with Kumudha's indian vegan omelette. It's pan fried with a teensy bit of oil, but not much. And it is good. It's on the global vegan blog, if you haven't seen if (plus I've linked it a few times from my blog).

    Also, Real Food Daily Chicken-style seitan. It's so yummy!

  2. Yeah, the Fronch Toast recipe in Vegan with a vengeance has besan flour in it and it is pretty yummy.

    Apparently you can also use it to make bread, but I haven't tried that.

  3. Thanks for all of your suggestions, will give them a go. Theresa, where can I find the real food daily chicken seitan recipe, apart from the cookbook?

  4. Hi Kristy and thanks for your entry to the event.

    I'm sure that the Indian blogging community will be full of fantastic ideas for your remaining besan - I love it for making pancakes and coating things like okra before deep-frying them.

    So pleased to have found another Melbourne blogger!

  5. Hey! Glad you enjoyed them! This method has lots of possibilities that I'm keen to keep experimenting with.

  6. I used to frequent an Asian restaurant that made the best "meat" dishes with seitan. These look like perfect little snacks.

    There are many great recipes using besan: socca, pudla, panisse fries...

  7. I stumbled upon this from My Legume Love Affair and they look delicious. I may just have to try this recipe out. Thanks.

  8. Make Persian chickpea cookies! (sweet, baked, rose water flavored).