Sunday, December 7, 2008


I went to and blogged about Bodhi quite a while ago and I kind of forgot about it until recently. We went to Bodhi several weeks ago and discovered that there were new owners, in fact they had only been managing the cafe for 2 weeks. We had to explain what vegan meant but they were quite nice and the food was great. They also explained that they don't use MSG which is great.

We shared tasty spring rolls, and wontons:

I had some longan wolfberry tea, which was sweet and tasty and the staff and Mr T informed me that is supposed to 'be good for women'(translation: it's good for menstruation issues):

This was the mushroom don (which the mushroom fans raved about) and the ginger duck which was probably my fav:

And then we has some tasty noodles with a smoky flavour but i can't remember what they were called.

One of my favourite things about Bodhi besides the food and their teas is the cute decor and 'zen' feel about the place:

I want to go back and try their new menu that they have probably introduced by now.


  1. How does the mushroom don stack up to how it was before? I thought it was awesome with the last owners. But the last time I was there the service was hugely indifferent and the food blah - probably the last owners were on their way out by then. I have to go back now, especially if there is a new menu - hopefully it will stay veg. The shop is such a nice space.

  2. i always mean to try this place out whenever i drive past but i'm usually only passing by on my way to frankston. it looks pretty tasty though