Sunday, December 21, 2008

Xmas Potluck

Claire and Reece hosted the latest potluck at their place and it was awesome. I however was much more of a eater than a food blogger and forgot to take pics of many of the dishes but I can share what we made and I'm sure some of the other bloggers will post their pics. I made not one but 2 dishes this time.

The first dish was 'Dianne's broccoli with white sauce'. My mum (Dianne) veganised her version a while ago but unfortunately just makes it up each time and never writes down what she does so I really pleased to come up with something that tasted almost as good with super vague instructions. I will remake it for xmas and write down as I go and then post the recipe.

I also made candy cane cookies following eat me, delicious's recipe for candy cane bark and Isa's recipe for chocolate chip cookies. The cookies took triple the time that the recipe asked for but that's because my oven sucks and were still soft, thankfully I like soft cookies. They were however a little too oily but that may have been because I made the dough and then refrigerated it for a few days. I was however happy with the taste.

Mr T made his signature dish. The bean balls from veganomonican with a twist, he used orange rind instead of lemon which tastes even better in my opinion and I forgot to to get a pic sorry.

Anyway on to the other dishes. I didn't get pictures of the svaoury dishes because I was starving but I can tell you that Erin made the meatloaf from Real Food Daily, Claire made up her own recipe for meatloaf, Rachel made a tuna bake, Recce made vegetarian dim sims/dumplings, and Rebecca made sausage rolls. I did however get pictures of the sweets:

Rebecca made Churros

Craig made peanut butter and banana springrolls with chocolate sauce

Claire's friend (whose name I have forgot) made white chocolate and macadamia nut cookies

Lisa made a nobake cake with coconut,cashews and with a couscous base.


  1. Yum, I can't wait to find out the recipe for that broccoli! Everything else looks really yummy, too. Have a good christmas!

  2. Oh, that broccoli was just fantastic! Would Dianne mind sharing one day - maybe a special guest blogspot?

  3. The broccoli was indeed a winner! In fact all the food that day was standout. Yummmmmminess!

  4. Yum, looks like a v.v.good pot luck!