Monday, December 8, 2008

Edgars Mission

On sat a small group of us went to Edgar's Mission. It was AMAZING! I sadly didn't take any pictures but am hoping that either Caroline or Theresa will blog with their pictures. Pam took us around to meet all of the animals and we fed and patted them and she told us about their stories and personalities. I think Pam is just amazing looking after all of those animals mostly by herself. It was so great to see all the animals and getting alone so well. She as well as the animals are so inspiring. I strongly encourage you to support Edgar's Mission however you can. There is carols by barnlight this sat. Also, if you are looking for christmas or birthday gifts you can get the animal lover in your life a best buddy with one of the animals for a year. You get a large photo, quarterly updates and you can visit it and the prices vary depending on the animal. Don't tell the other animals but I think Timmmy was my fav. Although one word or warning if you plan on visiting make sure you bring lots of weetbixs and be aware of the sheep they will surround you all wanting some and then you might not have any left for the poor cows or horses.

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  1. I loved Melba the best, of the sheep! I'll definitely be posting my photos, of which I have many, when I get back to Townsville!

    Thanks for being such a great host/tour guide when I was in town!