Monday, December 15, 2008

More vegan pizza options in the west?

On Sunday a large group of people(including lots of veg*n bloggers) went to Emily's to sample pizza from a new pizza place which has both vegan cheese and pepperoni. I had one piece of each of these:

Roast veg pizza which I believe is called vegie delight

Veg one with the lot plus pineapple

Cherry tomato and basil pizza

Garlic pizza

Veg pepperoni pizza

So what were they like? As a regular eater of Plush I was pleased to see they were super generous with the cheezly. The bases were wholemeal and remind me a little of the pita pizzas that Mr T and I regularly make. The topics were not quite as unique as plush toppings and were just like regular pizza toppings, only vegan. It was all delicious though and I am sure that I will be back for more again and again. I can't decide what my fav is, it's a toss up between the simple cherry tomato and basil pizza and the one with everything. Look out for proper blog posts from the usual veg bloggers and some not so blurry pics.

We also enjoyed cookies from Emily, cupcakes from Rachel and cherries from Lisa but I forgot to take pics.

Eat Pizza
44 Raleigh Rd
9317 7977


  1. Thanks for the cupcake shoutout! I'm looking forward to making them properly next time, with vanilla essence instead of just almond, and baking them without the silicone molds.

    Was great to see everyone - and I loooved the pizzas! I think I had three pieces... ok 4 ... geez! 5!

  2. I can't believe you cheated on Ben! Though, for that much vegan cheese, you can hardly be expected not to...

  3. Yes, the vegan cheese was abundant and altogether awesome. The wholemeal bases were terrific. Gold stars all round.